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Conditions of database use:

Users must:

  1. Restrict their use of images within any collection of the University of St Andrews image database to the academic requirements of their course of study, teaching or research.
  2. Not make available any image, or any part of an image, in any of the collections to the wider public without the express written permission of the owner of that image collection and where necessary any other rights holders. This includes:
    1. The use of such images in public web pages. These are web pages that do not use the University’s LDAP system as a requirement for authenticated access.
    2. The use of such images in public presentations.
    3. Any form of printed reproduction of images.
    4. The use of images in any other technology not here specified.
  3. Abide by the following uses of images from the database, if an agreement has been reached as a result of (2) that allows them to reproduce images in another form and/or medium:
    1. Images may only be used on the terms and conditions as outlined in the written agreement(s) for their use.
    2. Images, or parts of images, must not be used in any manner that is defamatory.
    3. The use of images is restricted to academic activity within the University of St Andrews and to the period of this activity. After the cessation of that period all copies of images held in any form must be destroyed.
    4. Full acknowledgement to the rights holder(s) and source must be given in any reproduction of any image contained in this database.
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